Conecting the great developers with the best companies and oportunities

The world needs more

The problem

Is hard and expensive to find local talents, just in the US there are more than 600,000 open job positions for IT jobs and only 20,000 are graduated every year. In LATAM the numbers are even worse.

The solution

Our company trains more than 100 developers each year, we have more than 2,000 active developers in our network and we have developed and successfully tested a framework for remote working with software development teams: The Development HUB's.

What is the Development HUB composition?

Each team has a specialty, a group of people 100% dedicated and also the support of 4Geeks coordinations: No only with partially dedicated team of very talented project managers, sys-admins and other senior resources, but also with internally developed tools to support on infrastructure, DevOps, development, etc.
DevHub's team member roles:
  • Sr/Jr Developer
  • Tech Product Owner
  • Designer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Requirements
  • Product Owner

Value Services

  • Coordinacion de Infraestructura
  • Implementacion de DevOps
  • Gerencia de Proyectos
  • Coordinacion de Cultura y RRHH


  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Hybrid Web/Mobile Development Ionic
  • Native Mobile Development
  • Hardware and internet of things

How much a team like this costs?

The pricing can vary depending on the number of dedicated people and the level of experience you want your developers to have. Please select a specialty to get a general estimate:

Development Specialty:
Select team specialty
Estimated price
$0 (Depending on the señority and quantity of people)